After starting Josée Esthétique over 10 years ago my clients helped me realize that beauty isn't only an outside job, it's also something we should strive for within. I've since been trained in powerful tools which allow me to help women strive for all forms of beauty, inside and out.

With love from me to you,

Josée Pitre

[Founder of Josée Esthétique]

Outer Beauty Services

At Josée Esthétique we take pride in our outer beauty services. With all natural products, we want you looking good and feeling good about what you're putting on your skin.

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Inner Beauty Services

Beauty is more than skin deep. I want to help women feel good on the outside and I want to help them feel good on the inside too. I've trained in life changing tools to help you feel your best and be at your healthiest.

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At Josée Esthétique Your Health Matters

At Josée Esthétique, we understand that it isn't only what goes into your body that impacts your health, what goes on it is important too. Whenever possible we use the most natural and organic products that don't only help you look your best, but help you feel your best too.

"Josée is absolutely amazing and knows her stuff!! If fancy and expensive creams and cleansers aren't working for you, why not try healing from the inside & out? "
Cindy O'Donnell

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