Can Emotion be the Root Cause of Acne?

There are between forty and fifty million adults in North America struggling with regular acne breakouts. Have you ever wondered if there is more than meets the eye in regards to acne and breakouts?

What if I told you acne could be linked to your emotions? It's not as crazy as it sounds! According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, there is an emotional connection in 85% of all physical illnesses. (from the breakthrough documentary film The Tapping Solution.)
I needed to know more so decided to use face mapping, and the results were very surprising. Face mapping is an ancient Chinese practice, similar to reflexology, connecting points on the face to a specific organ. This allows the practitioner to clarify what needs to be treated internally to achieve external results. For example, according to face mapping breakouts on the cheeks, signify a lung ailment. Normally the practitioner would inquire about smoking, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, or anything that is related to the lungs and respiratory system. However in my experience, using this method with clients provided little results. Instead, I directed my clients to pay attention to their flare ups, and any emotion that was being manifested at that time. If the problem appears to be with the lungs, I would inquire if the client was experiencing feelings of grief or sadness. By having the client become more mindful of what emotions were being manifested during a flare up, the link between the specific organ and the skin condition became more clear.

See the face map below. Every number is linked to an organ. Under the diagram you will find a brief description of the emotions link to the organ.

*Please note that your face is symmetrical, so it's the same number for the other side of the face for the matching area 
1: Respiratory system — Grief and sadness, anxiety or depression, even suppressed fears*
2: Heart — I don't love myself enough or I don't receive love from others*
3: Jaw line - Hormones — Stress. Desire to give birth to a project(or children), creativity, femininity. I may have neglected a creative side that I have in me*
4: Kidneys — feeling criticized and resentment. seat of fears*
5: Spleen — feeling like a failure, unfinished business, regrets and worries.*
6 & 10 Colon and Intestine — You feel irritated or angry as a result of a past experiences that you could not change or had no control over. We could ask: "What situation in my life have I not "digested" or accepted?"*
7: Liver — Anger and frustration*
8: Bladder— feeling of hate may inhabit me or feeling daily irritation*
9: Neck— I have a difficulty swallowing my emotions, feeling stuck, inflexible*
11: Stomach— Fear of "digesting" an experience. I hold on to the past and I have difficulties forgiving myself and others.*

What can be done if you suspect there is an emotional connection in regard to acne, breakouts, and skin conditions? EFT is one technique that I have found to be very successful when treating my clients. There are also other great techniques that that can help to process emotions once the emotional connection has been made.

Remember the next time you have a break out that your skin may be trying to communicate a deeper message. It's up to you to listen.
*I used inserts from the book 'the complete dictionary of Ailments and Diseases' by Jacques Martel and from "metaphysical anatomy, your body is talking to you, are you listening?" By Evette Rose. 

*I used inserts from the book 'the complete dictionary of Ailments and Diseases' by Jacques Martel and from "metaphysical anatomy, your body is talking to you, are you listening?" By Evette Rose.